What Linda's Clients Say

“Both my wife and I love historic homes and instantly recognised the Huia St property we have since purchased. The video including commentary from the architect grabbed us and we attended the first open home we were able to. We also kept a close eye on other marketing pieces which came out and just increased our interest in the back story of the property. What followed was a pretty lengthy negotiation process as we had some other affairs to tick off as part of completing the transaction. Just after going to contract Covid-19 reared its head which eventuated in the process going into the lockdown period. This naturally added further complications and stress for all involved. Linda was patient, and her communication was second to none throughout the process. I’ve worked with many agents and her ability to see differing points of view at a challenging time impressed me greatly. Her work ethic, which involved many an early morning, late evening or weekend chat meant that a transaction (which in the hands of most other agents would never been finalised) was able to get across the line. Thanks Linda!” K&T May 2020
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“We are recently returning expat NZ'ers who have been (no doubt infuriatingly) indecisive about what exactly we'd like to buy... which means we have been at quite a few Open Homes hosted by Linda and Jacquie, among other Open Homes. Their properties always stand out. Linda has inevitably given deep thought into exactly what makes each property special and her excellent videos highlight those features. In fact, her videos are so good, we know several purchases have been made almost entirely on the basis of her videos.  They know great contractors who get houses looking their best - whether it be upholsterers, home washing, minor repairs, gardeners etc. Their work with a fab stylist means their houses are laid out to inspire you with what's possible. Even though they haven't yet sold us a house, they connected us with one of their lovely, recent vendors who rented our Nelson house during the Covid lock down while looking for her next home purchase. We will be renting a stunning house from one of their recent purchasers who is not ready to move back to New Zealand and wanted a reliable tenant. For both us, as potential future purchasers, and for their recent vendors, who went on to rent to or from us, this has been a much appreciated, unexpected service, which was not in their brief. Linda and Jacquie's breadth of experience, coupled with their sensible and kind style is so helpful during an inherently stressful process. Anyone working with them is in great, trustworthy hands. Many thanks for everything!” Basia & Gerald, April 2020

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"Linda Simmons and Jacquie McDonald were the estate agents during our property purchase. We were impressed by their professionalism, excellent communication skills and their in-depth knowledge of the local Devonport market. Having seen their dedicated approach to their work we chose them as our agents when we came to sell. Linda and Jacquie, along with their wider team, worked together efficiently which made the sale process as smooth as possible for our busy family. We appreciated their thorough approach and strong work ethic. We happily recommend Linda and Jacquie to others." R &A, March 2020

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Selling our home was a very personal task and Linda Simmons was the perfect partner for us. She and her team provides a great end-to-end process, they always had an open ear re our questions and needs, they were approachable anytime and great in communication. They think beyond and run with passion to make things work. They made it work that it suits us as their paying customer as well as working with the keen buyers - great management and balance act. Linda & her team comes with great value, proudness and are running for what they do. They make things work and are highly professional. They act consultative, caring, persuasive, are reliable and diplomatic. We are glad having them. - G and R, February 2020

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"I had the pleasure of working with Linda selling our home in Devonport. We had a finite period to get our home sold (as we had bought another home) and we were selling during a surprisingly slow period in the market. Linda’s work ethic, acumen, grasp of marketing and ultimate love for what she does saw us achieve a great result (in trying circumstances). We got to know Linda personally through the process and my wife and I now count Linda and her husband as personal friends. I have great respect and admiration for what she does and her results speak for themselves. She is solution focused and achieves outcomes. She also understands that there is a natural buyer for each home and she endeavours to connect the right buyer with the home which is why so many purchasers end up delighted and then use her in the future. Jackie is an integral part of Linda’s offering and is an incredible support to the family throughout the process. Their skills complement each other perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to others and have done so several times already since recently selling our home." - Joe Biddles, Director, Thompson Blackie Biddles Lawyers, Nov 2019

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"We were looking to buy a house for a while, across a number of different areas. In some areas we felt that the agents were just running a numbers game. But in Devonport Linda and Jacquie took the time to understand what we were looking for and did more to engage with us. For example, they took us for coffee to explain the tender process and to understand what we were looking for. Even though we know the agents are acting for the seller, we didn't feel like we were being sold to and instead that they were trying to find a fit for both parties. This leaves us feeling very positive about our experience with Linda and Jacquie, and we would have a preference to use Bayleys in the future." - Dylan and Lee-Ann Marsh, Sep 2019

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"Hi Linda and Jacquie, thanks again for the professionalism and the effort from both of you which led to the successful sale of our property, for a price we were very happy with. Right from the outset, your level of professionalism shone through, as well as your ability to understand our needs and keep the sales process moving forward which made it an easy decision to choose your team. We felt well guided in the choice of selling method, and tender was certainly the right approach for our particular home in this particular market.The fact that we had so many tenders submitted, with the majority well above the CV and market information website valuations is a testament to the sales process you followed and the effort and skills of both of you. Interestingly, in our selection process, your appraisal range was lower than both the other candidate agents, but the price you achieved exceeded all the upper appraisal ranges. All the best and thanks again" - John Devine, June 2019

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"We met Linda and Jacquie a while ago when searching for a new house. We knew straight away that they were head and shoulders above all other agents that we have met. When we decided to list our house the decision to go with Linda and Jacquie was an easy one and we have not been disappointed . The Earlier this year my wife and I met up with Linda at a number of open homes in Devonport.  We were looking for a new home (downsize) and Linda had some great listings. Each time we met we really enjoyed the conversations and made a quick decision to ask Linda to sell our Devonport home. We have met many good agents in Devonport but Linda is a stand out, if you are looking for honesty, professionalism, EXCELLENT marketing credentials and a calm and relaxed and caring demeanour, then Linda is your best choice. We then met Linda’s sister Jacquie, the other half of a superb team.  There is nothing Jacquie cant do, she is well connected and was instrumental in preparing our house for sale and her follow up is second to none. Highly recommended sister act!" - Richard and Barbara Atkins‚Äč, Mar 2019